The Global Investor

The purpose of money is buying goods and services that make up your overall quality of life. However, how do we get the most value out of a given sum of money? Currency and purchasing power differences are one of the most powerful tools to make the most of the own money. Geo-Arbitrage can offer several other benefits aside of these, but the difference in what you get for a given sum of money is the most obvious lever you have in your hand.

Leveraging the difference in purchasing power by investing in assets in emerging and frontier markets is, therefore, an interesting investment strategy for those who plan in the long run. But as always in investing, there’s a downside to large potential profits. Returns are the compensation for taking a risk, a high profit needs to come with a major risk. In the case of direct investments (we’re not talking about a public stock exchange, here the currency leverage is of limited use) in emerging markets, it’s usually the risk of an invalid contract or of the necessity of a lengthy trial at a public court in the country where you invested.

However, this risk can be lowered by planning sufficiently in advance. The Global Investor not only supports you by providing information and finding local lawyers and trustworthy investment firms, but our main solution is offering contracts to meet your exact needs as a framework for the investment. Our contracts contain arbitration clauses that meet the requirements of the New York Convention, that makes arbitration awards enforceable. A valid arbitration clause denies regular courts to decide the matter. So, instead of facing a local court in a local language in case of problems, you’ll face our arbitration tribunal to decide the matter. We offer mediation and arbitration services (the latter resulting in enforceable awards) at fixed rates in English, German and Spanish. A primary and secondary language may be choosen freely in the contract.

This website is here to provide information and make our processes transparent to our clients. If you wish an individual offer (investment, contract, mediation or arbitration), contact us here: